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Development of Cost-effective, Compact Electrical Ultrafine Particle (eUFP) Sizers and Wireless eUFP Sensor Network
Grant Number R835132
RFA: Developing the Next Generation of Air Quality Measurement Technology (2011)
Journal Article (4)
Reference Type Citation Progress Report Year Document Sources
Journal Article Liu D, Hsiao T-C, Chen D-R. Performance study of a miniature quadru-inlet cyclone. Journal of Aerosol Science 2015:90:161-168. R835132 (2015)
R835132 (Final)
Journal Article Liu D, Zhang Q, Jiang J, Chen D-R. Performance calibration of low-cost and portable particular matter (PM) sensors. Journal of Aerosol Science 2017;112:1-10. R835132 (Final)
Journal Article Liu Q, Chen D-R. Experimental evaluation of miniature plate DMAs (mini-plate DMAs) for future ultrafine particle (UFP) sensor network. Aerosol Science and Technology 2016;50(3):297-307. R835132 (2015)
R835132 (Final)
Journal Article Liu Q, Chen D-R. Performance evaluation of a miniature plate Electrostatic Aerosol Analyzer (mini-plate EAA). Journal of Aerosol Science 2016;95:30-42. R835132 (2015)
R835132 (Final)