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Prediction of Effects of Changing Precipitation Extremes on Urban Water Quality
Grant Number R835195
RFA: Extreme Event Impacts on Air Quality and Water Quality with a Changing Global Climate (2011)
Journal Article (3)
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Journal Article Cao Q, Sun N, Yearsley J, Nijssen B, Lettenmaier DP. Climate and land cover effects on the temperature of Puget Sound streams. Hydrological Processes 2016;30(13):2286-2304. R835195 (Final)
Journal Article Sun N, Yearsley J, Voisin N, Lettenmaier DP. A spatially distributed model for the assessment of land use impacts on stream temperature in small urban watersheds. Hydrological Processes 2015;29(10):2331-2345. R835195 (2013)
R835195 (2014)
R835195 (2015)
R835195 (Final)
Journal Article Sun N, Yearsley J, Baptiste M, Cao Q, Lettenmaier DP, Nijssen B. A spatially distributed model for assessment of the effects of changing land use and climate on urban stream quality. Hydrological Processes 2016;30(25):4779-4798. R835195 (2014)
R835195 (Final)