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Air Quality Impacts of Extreme Weather Events: Historical Analysis and Future Projection
Grant Number R835204
RFA: Extreme Event Impacts on Air Quality and Water Quality with a Changing Global Climate (2011)
Journal Article (3)
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Journal Article Zhang H, Wang Y, Park T-W, Deng Y. Quantifying the relationship between extreme air pollution events and extreme weather events. Atmospheric Research 2017;188:64-79. R835204 (Final)
Journal Article Zhang Y, Wang Y. Climate driven ground-level ozone extreme in the fall over the Southeast United States. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2016;113(36):10025-10030. R835204 (Final)
Journal Article Zou Y, Wang Y, Zhang Y, Koo J-H. Arctic sea ice, Eurasia snow, and extreme winter haze in China. Science Advances 2017;3(3):e1602751 (9 pp.). R835204 (Final)