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Improving Environmental Health Disparities: A Fundamental Cause Approach
Grant Number NIMHD002
RFA: Transdisciplinary Networks of Excellence on the Environment and Health Disparities (2012)
Journal Article (7)
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Journal Article Kim S, Chukwudozie B, Calhoun E. Sociodemographic characteristics, distance to the clinic, and breast cancer screening results. Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice 2013;6(1):70-88. NIMHD002 (2013)
NIMHD002 (Final)
Journal Article Kim S, Mazza J. Reliability, validity, and item response of MOS social support score among incarcerated women. Women & Criminal Justice 2014;24(1):1-21. NIMHD002 (2013)
NIMHD002 (Final)
Journal Article Kim S, Mazza J, Zwanziger J, Henry D. School and behavioral outcomes among inner city children: five-year follow-up. Urban Education 2014;49(7):835-856. NIMHD002 (2013)
NIMHD002 (Final)
Journal Article Molina Y, Kim S, Berrios N, Calhoun EA. Medical mistrust and patient satisfaction with mammography: the mediating effects of perceived self-efficacy among navigated African American women. Health Expectations 2015;18(6):2941-2950. NIMHD002 (Final)
Journal Article Osiecki KM, Kim S, Chukwudozie IB, Calhoun EA. Utilizing exploratory spatial data analysis to examine health and environmental disparities in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Environmental Justice 2013;6(3):81-87. NIMHD002 (2013)
NIMHD002 (Final)
Journal Article Peterson CE, Rauscher GH, Johnson TP, Kirschner CV, Barrett RE, Kim S, Fitzgibbon ML, Joslin CE, Davis FG. The association between neighborhood socioeconomic status and ovarian cancer tumor characteristics. Cancer Causes and Control 2014;25(5):633-637. NIMHD002 (Final)
Journal Article Williams CT, Kim S, Meyer J, Spaulding A, Teixeira P, Avery A, Moore K, Altice F, Murphy-Swallow D, Simon D, Wickersham J, Ouellet LJ. Gender differences in baseline health, needs at release, and predictors of care engagement among HIV-positive clients leaving jail. AIDS and Behavior 2013;17(Suppl 2):195-202. NIMHD002 (2013)
NIMHD002 (Final)