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Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) solid-catalyzed reactions in supercritical reaction media
Grant Number R826034
RFA: Technology for a Sustainable Environment (1998)
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Book Chapter Subramaniam B, Herkes FE, Arunajatesan V, Hutchenson KW. Continuous heterogeneous catalytic hydrogenation of organic compounds in supercritical CO2. In: Morrell DG, ed. Catalysis of Organic Reactions. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, 2002, Chapter 35, pp. 461-475. R826034 (2001)
Journal Article Arunajatesan V, Subramaniam B, Hutchenson KW, Herkes FE. Fixed-bed hydrogenation of organic compounds in supercritical carbon dioxide. Chemical Engineering Science 2001;56(4):1363-1369. R826034 (2000)
R826034 (2001)
Journal Article Arunajatesan V, Wilson KA, Subramaniam B. Pressure-tuning the effective diffusivity of near-critical reaction mixtures in mesoporous catalysts. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2003;42(12):2639-2643. R826034 (2001)
Journal Article Arunajatesan V, Subramaniam B, Hutchenson KW, Herkes FE. In situ FTIR investigations of reverse water gas shift reaction activity at supercritical conditions. Chemical Engineering Science 2007;62(18-20):5062-5069. R826034 (2001)
Journal Article Clark MC, Subramaniam B. Kinetics on a supported catalyst at supercritical, nondeactivating conditions. AIChE Journal 1999;45(7):1559-1565. R824729 (Final)
R826034 (2001)
Journal Article Lyon CJ, Subramaniam B, Pereira CJ. Extended alkylate production on SiO2-supported Nafion at supercritical conditions.. Studies In Surface Sciences. 2001;139:221-228. R826034 (2000)
not available
Journal Article Lyon CJ, Sarsani VR, Subramaniam B. 1-Butene + Isobutane Reactions on Solid Acid Catalysts in Dense CO2-Based Reaction Media:Experiments and Modeling. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2004;43(16):4809-4814. R826034 (2001)
Journal Article Subramaniam B. Enhancing the stability of porous catalysts with supercritical reaction media. Applied Catalysis A:General 2001;212(1-2):199-213. R826034 (2000)
R826034 (2001)
Journal Article Subramaniam B, Lyon CJ, Arunajatesan V. Environmentally benign multiphase catalysis with dense phase carbon dioxide. Applied Catalysis B:Environmental 2002;37(4):279-292. R826034 (2001)