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Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment: A Tool to Improve Analysis of Environmental Quality and Sustainability
Grant Number R826740
RFA: Technology for a Sustainable Environment (1998)
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Book Chapter Matthews HS. Effects of virtual mobility: environmental implications of electronic commerce systems. In: Auswirkungen der virtuellen Mobilität, Mobilitätsverhalten in der Freizeit Book Series, Berlin-Heidelberg: Springer, 2004, Chapter 9, pp. 119-131. R826740 (Final)
Journal Article Chen L, Li Z, Li C-J. Indium-mediated domino reaction of nitroarenes with 2,3-dihydrofuran in water: an efficient synthesis of 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoline derivatives. Synlett 2003;(5):732-734. R826740 (Final)
R828129 (2002)
Journal Article Matthews HS, Lave LB. Applications of environmental valuation for determining externality costs. Environmental Science & Technology 2000;34(8):1390-1395. R826740 (Final)
Journal Article Matthews HS, Small MJ. Extending the boundaries of life-cycle assessment through environmental economic input-output models. Journal of Industrial Ecology 2000;4(3):7-10. R826740 (Final)
Journal Article Matthews HS, Hendrickson CT, Horvath A. External costs of air emissions from transportation. Journal of Infrastructure Systems 2001;7(1):13-17. R826740 (Final)
Journal Article Matthews HS, Hendrickson CT. The economic and environmental implications of centralized stock keeping. Journal of Industrial Ecology 2002;6(2):71-81. R826740 (Final)
R829597 (Final)
Journal Article Matthews HS, Lave L, MacLean H. Life cycle impact assessment:a challenge for risk analysts. Risk Analysis 2002;22(5):853-860. R826740 (Final)
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Journal Article Matthews H, Hendrickson C, Soh D. Environmental and economic effects of e-commerce: a case study of book publishing and retail logistics. Multimodal and Marine Freight Transportation Issues 2001;1763:6-12. R826740 (Final)