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High Yield Membrane Reactors
Grant Number R824727
RFA: Technology for a Sustainable Environment (1995)
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Book Chapter Bayer B, Schoberl B, Nagapudi K, Rezac ME, Beckham HW. Crosslinked diacetylene-functionalized polyimides for gas separation membranes: polymer reactivity and resultant properties. In: Freeman BD, Pinnau I, eds. Polymer Membranes for Gas and Vapor Separation — Chemistry and Materials Science. ACS Symposium Series Volume 733. Washington, DC: American Chemical Society, 1999, Chapter 17, pp. 244-255. R824727 (Final)
Journal Article Karangu NT, Rezac ME, Beckham HW. Synthesis and properties of processable polyimides containing diacetylene groups. Chemistry of Materials 1998;10(2):567-573. R824725 (Final)
R824727 (Final)
Journal Article Rezac ME, Sorensen ET, Beckham HW. Transport properties of crosslinkable polyimide blends. Journal of Membrane Science 1997;136(1-2):249-259. R824725 (Final)
R824727 (Final)
Journal Article Rezac ME, Schoberl B. Transport and thermal properties of poly(ether imide)/acetylene-terminated monomer blends. Journal of Membrane Science 1999;156(2):211-222. R824725 (Final)
R824727 (Final)