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Impact of Climate Change on Air Quality in the U.S.: Investigations With Linked Global- and Regional-Scale Models
Grant Number R833377
RFA: Consequences of Global Change For Air Quality (2006)
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Journal Article Ito A, Sillman S, Penner JE. Global chemical transport model study of ozone response to changes in chemical kinetics and biogenic volatile organic compounds emissions due to increasing temperatures:sensitivities to isoprene nitrate chemistry and grid resolution. Journal of Geophysical Research 2009;114(D9):D09301 (19 pp.). R833377 (2009)
R833377 (2010)
R833377 (Final)
Journal Article Lin GX, Penner JE, Sillman S, Taraborrelli D, Lelieveld J. Global modeling of SOA formation from dicarbonyls, epoxides, organic nitrates and peroxides. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2012;12(10):4743-4774. R833377 (Final)
Journal Article Lin GX, Penner JE, Flanner MG, Sillman S, Xu L, Zhou C. Radiative forcing of organic aerosol in the atmosphere and on snow:Effects of SOA and brown carbon. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres 2014;119(12):7453-7476. R833377 (Final)
Journal Article Lin GX, Sillman S, Penner JE, Ito A. Global modeling of SOA:the use of different mechanisms for aqueous phase formation. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2014;14(11):5451-5475. R833377 (Final)
Journal Article Steiner AL, Davis AJ, Sillman S, Owen RC, Michalak AM, Fiore AM. Observed suppression of ozone formation at extremely high temperatures due to chemical and biophysical feedbacks. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2010;107(46):19685-19690. R833377 (2010)
R833377 (Final)
Journal Article Tsigaridis K, Daskalakis N, Kanakidou M Adams PJ, Artaxo P, Bahadur R, Balkanski Y, Bauer SE, Bellouin N, Benedetti A, Bergman T, Berntsen TK, Beukes JP, Bian H, Carslaw KS, Chin M, Curci G, Diehl T, Easter RC, Ghan SJ, Gong SL, Hodzic A, Hoyle CR, Iversen T, Jathar S, Jimenez JL, Kaiser JW, Kirkevag A, Kochb D, Kokkola H, Leec YH, Lin G, Liu X, Luo G, Ma X, Mann GW, Mihalopoulos N, MorcretteJ-J, Muller J-F, Myhre G, Myriokefalitakis S, Ng NL, O'Donnell D, Penner JE, Pozzoli L, Pringle KJ, Russell LM, Schulz M, Sciare J, Seland O, Shindell DT, Sillman S, Skeie RB, Spracklen D, Stavrakou T, Steenrod SD, Takemura T, Tiitta P, Tilmes S, Tost H, van Noije T, van Zyl PG, von Salzen K, Yu F, Wang Z, Wang Z, Zaveri RA, Zhang H, Zhang K, Zhang Q, Zhang X. The AeroCom evaluation and intercomparison of organic aerosol in global models. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2014;14(19):10845-10895. R833377 (Final)