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Near Real-Time Speciation of Organic Aerosols for Source Apportionment
Grant Number R832166
RFA: Source Apportionment of Particulate Matter (2004)
Journal Article (5)
Reference Type Citation Progress Report Year Document Sources
Journal Article Dreyfus MA, Johnston MV. Rapid sampling of individual organic aerosol species in ambient air with the photoionization aerosol mass spectrometer. Aerosol Science and Technology 2008;42(1):18-27. R832166 (2007)
R832166 (Final)
Journal Article Dreyfus MA, Adou K, Zucker SM, Johnston MV. Organic aerosol source apportionment from highly time-resolved molecular composition measurements. Atmospheric Environment 2009;43(18):2901-2910. R832166 (Final)
Journal Article Heaton KJ, Dreyfus MA, Wang S, Johnston MV. Oligomers in the early stage of biogenic secondary organic aerosol formation and growth. Environmental Science & Technology 2007;41(17):6129-6136. R832166 (2007)
R832166 (Final)
Journal Article Tolocka MP, Heaton KJ, Dreyfus MA, Wang S, Zordan CA, Saul TD, Johnston MV. Chemistry of particle inception and growth during [alpha]-pinene ozonolysis. Environmental Science & Technology 2006;40(6):1843-1848. R832166 (2005)
R832166 (2006)
R832166 (2007)
R832166 (Final)
Journal Article Zordan CA, Wang S, Johnston MV. Time-resolved chemical composition of individual nanoparticles in urban air. Environmental Science & Technology 2008;42(17):6631-6636. R832166 (Final)