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Health Effects of Inhaled Nanomaterials
Grant Number R831714
RFA: Exploratory Research to Anticipate Future Environmental Issues: Impacts of Manufactured Nanomaterials on Human Health and the Environment (2003)
Journal Article (2)
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Journal Article Madl AK, Pinkerton KE. Health effects of inhaled engineered and incidental nanoparticles. Critical Reviews in Toxicology 2009;39(8):629-658. R829215 (Final)
R831714 (2005)
R832414 (2010)
R832414C003 (2009)
R832414C003 (2010)
R832414C003 (Final)
Journal Article Teague SV, Veranth JM, Aust AE, Pinkerton KE. Dust generator for inhalation studies with limited amounts of archived particulate matter. Aerosol Science and Technology 2005;39(2):85-91. R829215 (2004)
R829215 (Final)
R831714 (2005)