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Assessing an HGM-based Wetland Classification and Assessment Scheme Along a 1000 km Gradient of the Appalachian Mountains: Hydrology, Soils and Wetland Function
Grant Number R829497
RFA: Development of National Aquatic Ecosystem Classifications and Reference Conditions (2001)
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Journal Article Brooks RP, Wardrop DH, Cole CA, Campbell DA. Are we purveyors of wetland homogeneity? A model of degradation and restoration to improve mitigation performance. Ecological Engineering 2005;24(4):331-340. R829497 (2002)
R829497 (2005)
Journal Article Brooks RP, Wardrop DH, Cole CA. Inventorying and monitoring wetland condition and restoration potential on a watershed basis with examples from the Spring Creek Watershed, Pennsylvania, USA. Environmental Management 2006;38(4):673-687. R829497 (2005)
not available
Journal Article Cole CA, Brooks RP, Shaffer PW, Kentula ME. Comparison of hydrology of wetlands in Pennsylvania and Oregon (USA) as an indicator of transferability of hydrogeomorphic (HGM) functional models between regions. Environmental Management 2002;30(2):265-278. R829497 (2002)