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Foliar Chemistry as an Indicator of Forest Ecosystem Status, Primary Production and Stream Water Chemistry
Grant Number R825865
RFA: Ecosystem Indicators (1997)
Journal Article (3)
Reference Type Citation Progress Report Year Document Sources
Journal Article Ollinger SV, Smith ML, Martin ME, Hallett RA, Goodale CL, Aber JD. Regional variation in foliar chemistry and N cycling among forests of diverse history and composition. Ecology 2002;83(2):339-355. R825865 (2000)
R825865 (Final)
Journal Article Smith M-L, Martin ME. A plot-based method for rapid estimation of forest canopy chemistry. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 2001;31(3):549-555. R825865 (Final)
Journal Article Smith M-L, Ollinger SV, Martin ME, Aber JD, Hallett RA, Goodale CL. Direct estimation of aboveground forest productivity through hyperspectral remote sensing of canopy nitrogen. Ecological Applications 2002;12(5):1286-1302. R825865 (Final)