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Genetic Diversity in California Native Fish Exposed to Pesticides
Grant Number R826603
RFA: Ecological Indicators (1998)
Journal Article (4)
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Journal Article Bagley MJ, Anderson SL, May B. Choice of methodology for assessing genetic impacts of environmental stressors: Polymorphism and reproducibility of RAPD and AFLP fingerprints. Ecotoxicology 2001;10(4):239-244. R826603 (2000)
R826603 (2001)
R826603 (Final)
Journal Article Belfiore NM, Anderson SL. Effects of contaminants on genetic patterns in aquatic organisms: a review. Mutation Research-Reviews in Mutation Research 2001;489(2-3):97-122. R826603 (1999)
R826603 (2000)
R826603 (2001)
R826603 (Final)
Journal Article Roach JL, Colayco R, To C, Batey D, May B. Microsatellite genotyping using the BaseStation® DNA fragment analyzer. MJ Research Application Note 2003;2(7). R826603 (Final)
Journal Article Tranah GJ, Agresti JJ, May B. New microsatellite loci for suckers (Catostomidae): primer homology in Catostomus, Chasmistes, and Deltistes. Molecular Ecology Notes 2001;1(1-2):55-60. R826603 (2001)
Report Orlando JL, Kuivila KM, Whitehead A. Dissolved pesticide concentrations detected in storm-water runoff at selected sites in the San Joaquin River Basin 2000-2001. United States Geological Survey Open-File Report, Sacramento, CA. R826603 (Final)
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