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Sensitivity Analysis of the Effect of Changes in Mean and Variability of Climate on Crop Production and Regional Economics in the Southeastern U.S.
Grant Number R824997
RFA: Global Climate (1996)
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Journal Article Adams RM, McCarl BA, Mearns LO. The effects of spatial scale of climate scenarios on economic assessments: an example from U.S. agriculture. Climatic Change 2003;60(1-2):131-148. R824997 (Final)
Journal Article Carbone GJ, Mearns LO, Mavromatis T, Sadler EJ, Stooksbury D. Evaluating CROPGRO-soybean performance for use in climate impact studies. Agronomy Journal 2003;95(3):537-544. R824997 (Final)
Journal Article Doherty RM, Mearns LO, Reddy KR, Downton MW, McDaniel L. Spatial scale effects of climate scenarios on simulated cotton production in the Southeastern U.S.A. Climatic Change 2003;60(1-2):99-129. R824997 (Final)
Journal Article Easterling WE, Chhetri N, Niu X. Improving the realism of modeling agronomic adaptation to climate change: simulating technological substitution. Climatic Change 2003;60(1-2):149-173. R824997 (Final)
Journal Article Katz RW, Parlange MB, Tebaldi C. Stochastic modeling of the effects of large-scale circulation on daily weather in the Southeastern U.S. Climatic Change 2003;60(1-2):189-216. R824997 (Final)
Journal Article Mearns LO, Giorgi F, McDaniel L, Shields C. Climate scenarios for the Southeastern U.S. based on GCM and regional model simulations. Climatic Change 2003;60(1-2):7-35. R824997 (Final)
Journal Article Mearns LO, Carbone G, Doherty RM, Tsvetsinskaya E, McCarl BA, Adams RM, McDaniel L. The uncertainty due to spatial scale of climate scenarios in integrated assessments: an example from U.S. agriculture. Integrated Assessment 2004;4(4):225-235. R824997 (Final)
Journal Article Tsvetsinskaya EA, Mearns LO, Mavromatis T, Gao W, McDaniel L, Downton MW. The effect of spatial scale of climatic change scenarios on simulated maize, winter wheat, and rice production in the Southeastern United States. Climatic Change 2003;60(1-2):37-72. R824997 (Final)
Report Mearns LO. The issue of spatial scale of climate scenarios for regional climate change impacts analysis: examples from agriculture. ECLAT-2 Toulouse Workshop Report No. 4. Toulouse, France, October 25-27, 2000. In: Planton S, Hanson C, Viner D, Hoepffner M, eds. Climatic Research Unit, UEA, Norwich, UK, April 2001, pp. 38-45. R824997 (Final)
Report Tebaldi C. Influence of large scale circulation measures on precipitation at local stations in the South East of the US. NRCSE Technical Report Series, NRCSE-TRS No. 055, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 2000, September 14, 2000. R824997 (2000)
R824997 (Final)
R825173 (1999)