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Investigating Chronic Effects of Exposure to Particulate Matter
Grant Number R827353C006
RFA: Airborne Particulate Matter (PM) Centers (1999)
Journal Article (4)
Reference Type Citation Progress Report Year Document Sources
Journal Article Clancy L, Goodman P, Sinclair H, Dockery DW. Effect of air-pollution control on death rates in Dublin, Ireland:an intervention study. Lancet 2002;360(9341):1210-1214. R827353 (Final)
R827353C006 (2001)
R827353C006 (2002)
R827353C006 (2003)
R827353C006 (Final)
Journal Article Goodman PG, Dockery DW, Clancy L. Cause-specific mortality and the extended effects of particulate pollution and temperature exposure. Environmental Health Perspectives 2004;112(2):179-185. R827353 (Final)
R827353C005 (2003)
R827353C005 (Final)
R827353C006 (Final)
Journal Article Laden F, Schwartz J, Speizer FE, Dockery DW. Reduction in fine particulate air pollution and mortality:extended follow-up of the Harvard Six Cities Study. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2006;173(6):667-672. R827353 (Final)
R827353C006 (2004)
R827353C006 (Final)
Journal Article Lippmann M, Frampton M, Schwartz J, Dockery D, Schlesinger R, Koutrakis P, Froines J, Nel A, Finkelstein J, Godleski J, Kaufman J, Koenig J, Larson T, Luchtel D, Liu L-JS, Oberdorster G, Peters A, Sarnat J, Sioutas C, Suh H, Sullivan J, Utell M, Wichmann E, Zelikoff J. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Particulate Matter Health Effects Research Centers Program: a midcourse report of status, progress, and plans. Environmental Health Perspectives 2003;111(8):1074-1092. R827351 (2002)
R827351 (Final)
R827352 (Final)
R827352C002 (Final)
R827352C014 (Final)
R827353 (Final)
R827353C006 (Final)
R827353C015 (Final)
R827354 (Final)
R827355 (Final)
R832415 (2010)
R832415 (2011)
R832415 (Final)
R832415C003 (2011)
R832415C004 (2011)