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Dynamical Systems Models Based on Energy Budgets for Ecotoxicological Impact Assessment
Grant Number R835797
RFA: Systems-Based Research for Evaluating Ecological Impacts of Manufactured Chemicals (2014)
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Book Chapter Murphy CA, Nisbet P, Antczak N, Garcia-Reyero A, Gergs KL, Mathews T, Muller EB, Nacci D, Peace A, Remien CH, Schultz IR, Watanabe KH. Linking adverse outcome pathways to dynamic energy budets:a conceptual model. In:Garcia-Reyero N, Murphy C, eds. A Systems Biology Approach to Advancing Adverse Outcome Pathways for Risk Assessment, Springer International Publishing, 2018, Chapter 14, pp. 281-302. R835797 (2016)
R835798 (2017)
Journal Article Adeleye AS, Stevenson LM, Su, YM, Nisbet RM, Zhang YL, Keller AA. Influence of phytoplankton on fate and effects of modified zerovalent iron nanoparticles. Environmental Science & Technology 2016;50(11):5597-5605. R835797 (2016)
Journal Article Civitello DJ, Fatima H, Johnson LR, Nisbet RM, Rohr JR. Bioenergetic theory predicts infection dynamics of human schistosomes in intermediate host snails across ecological gradients. Ecology Letters 2018;21(5):692-701. R835797 (2017)
Journal Article Cunning R, Muller EB, Gates RD, Nisbet RM. A dynamic bioenergetic model for coral-Symbiodinium symbioses and coral bleaching as an alternate stable state. Journal of Theoretical Biology 2017;431:49-62. R835797 (2017)
Journal Article Klanjscek T, Muller EB, Holden PA, Nisbet RM. Host-symbiont interaction model explains non-monotonic response of soybean growth and seed production to nano-CeO2 exposure. Environmental Science & Technology 2017;51(9):4944-4950. R835797 (2016)
Journal Article Martin BT, Heintz R, Danner EM, Nisbet RM. Integrating lipid storage into general representations of fish energetics. Journal of Animal Ecology 2017;86(4):812-825. R835797 (2016)
Journal Article Miller RJ, Muller EB, Cole B, Martin T, Nisbet R, Bielmyer-Fraser GK, Jarvis TA, Keller AA, Cherr G, Lenihan HS. Photosynthetic efficiency predicts toxic effects of metal nanomaterials in phytoplankton. Aquatic Toxicology 2017;183:85-93. R835797 (2015)
R835797 (2016)
Journal Article Murphy CA, Nisbet RM, Antczak P, Garcia-Reyero N, Gergs A, Lika K, Mathews T, Muller EB, Nacci D, Peace A, Remien CH, Schultz IR, Stevenson LM, Watanabe KH. Incorporating suborganismal processes into dynamic energy budget models for ecological risk assessment. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 2018;14(5):615-624. R835797 (2017)
R835798 (2017)
Journal Article Nisbet RM. Challenges for dynamic energy budget theory: omment on "Physics of metabolic organization" by Marko Jusup et al. Physics of Life Reviews 2017;20:72-74. R835797 (2016)
Journal Article Rohr JR, Salice CJ, Nisbet RM. The pros and cons of ecological risk assessment based on data from different levels of biological organization. Critical Reviews in Toxicology 2016;46(9):756-784. R835188 (Final)
R835797 (2015)
R835797 (2016)
R835800 (2016)
R835800 (2017)
Journal Article Rohr JR, Salice CJ, Nisbet RM. Chemical safety must extend to ecosystems. Science 2017;356(6341):917. R835797 (2016)
Journal Article Stevenson LM, Krattenmaker KE, Johnson E, Bowers AJ, Adeleye AS, McCauley E, Nisbet RM. Standardized toxicity testing may underestimate ecotoxicity:environmentally relevant food rations increase the toxicity of silver nanoparticles to Daphnia. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 2017;36(11):3008-2018. R835797 (2016)
R835797 (2017)
Journal Article Stevenson LM, Adeleye AS, Su Y, Zhang Y, Keller AA, Nisbet RM. Remediation of cadmium toxicity by sulfidized nano-iron: the importance of organic material. ACS Nano 2017;11(10):10558-10567. R835797 (2017)
Journal Article Klanjscek T, Muller EB, Nisbet RM. Feedbacks and tipping points in organismal response to oxidative stress. Journal of Theoretical Biology 2016;404:361-374. R835797 (2015)
R835797 (2016)