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Membrane Introduction Mass Spectrometry Studies of Halogenated Cyano Byproduct Formation in Drinking Water
Grant Number R828231
RFA: Drinking Water (1999)
Journal Article (4)
Reference Type Citation Progress Report Year Document Sources
Journal Article Lee JH, Na C, Ramirez RL, Olson TM. Cyanogen chloride precursor analysis in chlorinated river water. Environmental Science & Technology 2006;40(5):1478-1484. R828231 (Final)
Journal Article Na C, Olson TM. Stability of cyanogen chloride in the presence of free chlorine and monochloramine. Environmental Science & Technology 2004;38(22):6037-6043. R828231 (2003)
R828231 (Final)
Journal Article Na C, Olson TM. Mechanism and kinetics of cyanogen chloride formation from the chlorination of glycine. Environment Science & Technology 2006;40(5):1469-1477. R828231 (Final)
Journal Article Na C, Olson TM. Relative reactivity of amino acids with chlorine in mixtures. Environment Science & Technology 2007;41(9):3220-3225. R828231 (Final)