The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Office of Research and Development (ORD), National Center for Environmental Research (NCER) announces the availability of special research grants to academic institutions located in states or territories eligible to receive funds under the Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR).  The 19 eligible states and  commonwealth are listed in the section below.  Awards will be made for a maximum of $250,000 per year not to exceed two years.  The recipient must provide a match of at least 50% from non-Federal sources.  Research topics with clear applicability to immediate or long term environmental decision-making priorities are required.

Recipients List


In addition to this EPSCoR program solicitation, the EPA Science to Achieve Results (STAR) program is another avenue for applying to the Agency for research grants.  This program focuses on obtaining the sound science needed for environmental protection.  Several EPSCoR state institutions have been successful in obtaining grants from the STAR program.  Since the main goal of the EPSCoR program is to increase the capabilities of participants to conduct high quality research through increased competitiveness, EPAs STAR program provides additional opportunities to EPSCoR participants.  We encourage each EPSCoR state and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to use the STAR Program as an additional  mechanism to enhance its capability to become more competitive.  In addition, the STAR program RFA?s define the areas of research EPA is currently funding.  Participants may wish to refer to the EPA web page www.epa.gov for suggested research topics.