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The Gulf Coast Hazardous Substance Research Center (GCHSRC) was established in 1986 for the purpose of conducting research to provide more effective hazardous substance response and waste management throughout the Gulf Coast. The GCHSRC is comprised of eight member university consortium including: Lamar University-Beaumont, Louisiana State University, Mississippi State University, Texas A&M University, University of Alabama, University of Central Florida, University of Houston, and the University of Texas-Austin.

The Center's mission is to conduct an integrated research program to improve the quality of the environment in order to reduce risk to human and ecosystem health. The major emphasis of the center is on environmental technologies for pollution prevention, waste treatment, and site remediation for hazardous substances associated with petroleum, chemical and other Gulf Coast Industries. The center's research program concentrates n waste minimization, alternate treatment technology development, toxicity reduction, and other technology-support areas. The center's FY94 projects covered: soil and sludge treatment; separation technology; pollution prevention; modeling and risk assessment; combustion and oxidation technologies; monitoring and detection; and biological treatment technologies.

The center also operates a technology transfer program which involves compilation of a CDRom based environmental library; a technical list server; conferences/workshops on development of commercially viable industrial technologies; and short courses for methodology developed by the center.