Associated Project Details for RFA: Risk-Based Decisions for Contaminated Sediments (1996)

R825277 A Modeling and Experimental Investigation of Metal Release from Contaminated Sediments The Effects of Metal Sulfide Oxidation and Resuspension Grant November 15, 1996 through November 14, 1999 (Extended to November 14, 2000)
R825278 Contaminated Sediments Grant October 1, 1996 through September 30, 1999 (Extended to September 30, 2000)
R825279 Meiofaunal Validation of EqP-Based Sediment Quality Criteria for Metal Mixtures in Estuarine Sediments Population to Community-Level Culturing Studies of Biogeochemical Controls on Bioavailability and Toxicity Grant January 1, 1997 through December 31, 1999 (Extended to December 31, 2000)