Associated Project Details for RFA: Development and Evaluation of Innovative Approaches for the Quantitative Assessment of Pathogens and Cyanobacteria and Their Toxins in Drinking Water (2007)

R833828 Development and application of a fiber optic array system for detection and enumeration of potentially toxic cyanobacteria Grant June 1, 2008 through May 31, 2011 (Extended to May 31, 2013)
R833829 Near-real Time, Highly Sensitive and Selective Field Deployable Biosensor for Cyanotoxins and Cyanobacteria Using both Antibodies and DNA-signatures Grant June 10, 2008 through March 31, 2011 (Extended to September 30, 2013)
R833830 Assessment of Microbial Pathogens in Drinking Water using Molecular Methods Coupled with Solid Phase Cytometry Grant March 1, 2008 through February 28, 2011 (Extended to February 28, 2013)
R833831 Automated Methods for the Quantification and Infectivity of Human Noroviruses in Water Grant July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2010 (Extended to June 30, 2011)
R833839 Aptamer Capture and Optical Interferometric Detection of Cyanobacteria Grant June 1, 2008 through April 30, 2011 (Extended to January 31, 2013)
R833840 Rapid Concentration, Detection, and Quantification of Pathogens in Drinking Water Grant May 1, 2008 through April 30, 2011 (Extended to April 30, 2013)