Associated Project Details for RFA: Drinking Water (1999)

R828035 Infectivity and Virulence of Cryptosporidium Genotype H Oocysts in Healthy Adult Volunteers Grant March 1, 2000 through March 1, 2003 (Extended to February 28, 2005)
R828036 Mycobacterium avium Complex in Drinking Water: Detection, Distribution, and Routes of Exposure Grant through January 1, 2003 (Extended to March 21, 2004)
R828037 Molecular Detection and Environmental Survey of Vegetative and Coccoid Helicobacter pylori Grant May 15, 2000 through May 14, 2003
R828038 Prevalence and Distribution of Genotypes of Cryptosporidium Parvum in Feedlots in the Western United States Grant April 1, 2000 through March 31, 2002 (Extended to February 28, 2002)
R828039 Detection of Emerging Microbial Contaminants in Source and Finished Drinking Water with DNA Microarrays Grant March 1, 2000 through March 1, 2003
R828040 Development of a Rapid, Quantitative Method for the Detection of Infective Coxsackie and Echo Viruses in Drinking Water Grant February 1, 2000 through February 1, 2002
R828041 FDP -- Development of Detection and Viability Methods for Waterborne Microsporidia Grant August 1, 2000 through August 3, 2001
R828042 Development and Evaluation of Procedures for Detection of Infectious Microsporidia in Source Waters Grant May 1, 2000 through May 1, 2002
R828043 Development and Evaluation of Methods for the Concentration, Separation, Detection, and Viability/Infectivity of Three Protozoa from Large Volume of Water Grant March 1, 2000 through March 1, 2003
R828044 Bioavailability of Haloacetates in Human Subjects Grant September 30, 2000 through September 29, 2003 (Extended to April 1, 2005)
R828045 Brominated DBP Formation and Speciation Based on the Specific UV Absorbance Distribution of Natural Waters Grant March 1, 2000 through March 1, 2003
R828231 Membrane Introduction Mass Spectrometry Studies of Halogenated Cyano Byproduct Formation in Drinking Water Grant August 1, 2000 through August 1, 2003 (Extended to August 31, 2004)