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Understanding regional oxidation capacity by comprehensive observations to constrain hydroxyl radical sources and sinks during the Southern Oxidant Aerosol Study (SOAS)
Grant Number R835400
RFA: Anthropogenic Influences on Organic Aerosol Formation and Regional Climate Implications (2012)
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Journal Article Lee BH, Mohr C, Lopez-Hilfiker FD, Lutz A, Hallquist M, Lee L, Romer P, Cohen RC, Iyer S, Kurten T, Hu W, Day DA, Campuzano-Jost P, Jimenez JL, Xu L, Ng NL, Guo H, Weber RJ, Wild RJ, Brown SS, Koss A, de Gouw J, Olson K, Goldstein AH, Seco R, Kim S, McAvey K, Shepson PB, Starn T, Baumann K, Edgerton ES, Liu J, Shilling JE, Miller DO, Brune W, Schobesberger S, D'Ambro EL, Thornton JA. Highly functionalized organic nitrates in the southeast United States: contribution to secondary organic aerosol and reactive nitrogen budgets. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2016;113(6):1516-1521. R835400 (2014)
R835400 (Final)
R835403 (2015)
R835403 (Final)
R835407 (Final)
R835410 (2013)
Presentation Brune W. The current state of OH measurements. Presented at the Southeast Atmosphere Studies Workshop: Intensive Observation Period Modeling to Improve Mechanistic Representation Trends, Princeton, NJ, June 8-10, 2015. R835400 (2014)
not available
Presentation Kim S. Constraining oxidation capacity using CIMS. Presented at the SAS Data Workshop, Boulder, CO, March 31-April 2, 2014. R835400 (2013)
Presentation Kim S, Seco R, Jeong D, Sanchez D, Guenther A, Koss A, Gilman JB, Warneke C, de Gouw J, Misztal PK, Goldstein AH, Baumann K, Brune W. Unaccountability high OH vs unaccountability short OH lifetime--an attempt for a reconciliation. Presented at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, December 14-18, 2015. R835400 (Final)
not available
Presentation Kim S. Natural and anthropogenic impacts on tropospheric oxidation capacity and reactivity -- a brief diagnosis for future projections. Presented at the Gordon Research Conference on Biogenic Hydrocarbons and the Atmosphere, June 26-July 1, 2016 (invited). R835400 (Final)
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