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BESS, A System For Predicting The Biodegradability Of New Compounds
Grant Number R826114
RFA: Technology for a Sustainable Environment (1997)

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Presentation Forney L, Punch B. BESS (biodegradation evaluation and simulation system): a tool for predicting the environmental fate of chemicals using knowledge of microbial biochemistry and physiology. Presented at the Gordon Research Conference on Environmental Sciences: Water, New England College, NH, June 14-19, 1998. R826114 (Final)
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Presentation Punch B, Patton A, Miagkikh V, Larson B, Forney L. A biodegradibilty evaluation and simulation system (BESS), applying and discovering knowledge of biodegradation pathways. Presented at the QSAR 98 Meeting, Baltimore, MD, May 1998. R826114 (Final)
not available
Presentation Punch WF, Patton A, Wight K, Larson R, Masscheleyn P, Forney L. BESS, a system for predicting the biodegradability of new compounds. Presented at the QSAR 96 Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 1996. R826114 (Final)
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