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Vascular Response to Traffic-Derived Inhalation in Humans
Grant Number R834796C004
RFA: Clean Air Research Centers (2009)
Journal Article (2)
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Journal Article Cosselman KE, Krishnan RM, Oron AP, Jansen K, Peretz A, Sullivan JH, Larson TV, Kaufman JD. Blood pressure response to controlled diesel exhaust exposure in human subjects. Hypertension 2012;59(5):943-948. R827355 (Final)
R830954 (Final)
R834796C004 (Final)
Journal Article Cosselman KE, Navas-Acien A, Kaufman JD. Environmental factors in cardiovascular disease. Nature Reviews Cardiology 2015;12(11):627-642. R834796 (2015)
R834796 (Final)
R834796C004 (2015)
R834796C004 (2016)
R834796C004 (Final)