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Partnership for Industrial Ecology in Central Ohio
Grant Number R833348
RFA: Collaborative Science And Technology Network For Sustainability (2006)
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Journal Article Cimren E, Fiksel J, Posner ME, Sikdar K. Material flow optimizatiion in by-product synergy networks. Journal of Industrial Ecology 2011;15(2):315-332. R833348 (Final)
Presentation Fiksel J, Bakshi B. Industrial ecology network optimization with life cycle metrics. Presented at the International Symposium on Sustainable Systems & Tech., Washington DC, May 2010. R833348 (Final)
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Proceedings Smith K, Auerbach E, Sikdar K, VanEvra R, Gernant D, Fiksel J. City of Columbus biosolids management optimization and systems analysis. In: Proceedings of the WEF Residuals and Biosolids 2009 Conference, Orlando, FL, 2009. R833348 (Final)
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