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Improved Animal Model for Assessment of Allergenic Potential of Foods Through Selective Deletion of T Cells and Global Gene Expression Analysis
Grant Number R833134
RFA: Biotechnology: Potential Allergenicity of Genetically Engineered Foods (2006)

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Presentation HogenEsch H. Improved animal model for assessment of allergenic potential of foods through selective deletion of T cells and global gene expression analysis. Presented at the ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute Workshop on Research to Improve Safety Assessment of Biotechnology Products for Potential Risk of Food Allergy, Washington, DC, October 15-16, 2008. R833134 (2008)
R833134 (Final)
not available
Presentation HogenEsch H, Dunham A, Hedges L. Mouse strain differences in the response to orally administered allergenic and non-allergenic proteins. Presented at the Society of Toxicology Workshop:Food Allergy—Basic Mechanisms and Applications to Identifying Risks Associated with Plant Incorporated Pesticides and Other Genetically Modified Crops, Baltimore, MD, March 15-19, 2009. R833134 (2008)
R833134 (Final)
not available