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Casa de Salud: A Model For Engaging Community
Grant Number R828596
RFA: Environmental Justice: Partnerships for Communication (1999)
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Journal Article Latowsky G. Report: Community-based, participatory research in Lawrence, Massachusetts, flags environmental health hazards and fuels education and action. Science Communication 2003;25(2):204-208. R828596 (2004)
R831709 (2006)
R831709 (2007)

Casa de Salud: A Model for Engaging Community. In: World Health Organization’s Healthy Environments For Children Alliance brochure (in development, 2005).

R828596 (2004)
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JSI Center For Environmental Health Studies. Ritual Use of Mercury: Assessment and Education Project–Final Report. Boston, MA: JSI Center For Environmental Health Studies, August 7, 2003

R828596 (2004)
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