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Delineating Optimal Wetland Habitat Corridors for Inclusion in Migratory Flyways
Grant Number R825996
RFA: Decision-Making and Valuation for Environmental Policy (1997)
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Journal Article Malcolm SA, ReVelle C. Rebuilding migratory flyways using directed conditional covering. Environmental Modeling & Assessment 2002;7(2):129-138. R825996 (Final)
Presentation Malcolm S, ReVelle C. An anchored covering location model. Presented at the INFORMS Conference, Philadelphia, PA, November 1999. R825996 (Final)
not available
Presentation Williams JC, ReVelle CS. Enhancing the Atlantic flyway: locating new stopovers for migratory birds. Presented at the 47th North American Meetings for the Regional Science Association International, Chicago, IL, November 2000. R825996 (Final)
not available