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Assessing Compliance Burden from Implementation of CAAA Title V Permitting Rules and Regulations
Grant Number R824753
RFA: Incentives and Impediments to Pollution Prevention (1995)
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Dissertation/Thesis DeHart-Davis L. Is there such a thing as optimal paperwork? Modeling the influence of corporate bureaucracy on regulatory compliance costs. Ph.D. Dissertation in progress, 1999. R824753 (Final)
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Journal Article Bozeman B, hart-Davis L. Red Tape and Clean Air: Title V Air Pollution Permitting Implementation as a Test Bed for Theory Development. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory 1999;9(1):141-177 R824753 (Final)
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Presentation Bozeman B, DeHart-Davis L. Rule-inception red tape and environmental regulations: a theory-based approach to assessing the implementation of Title V air pollution permitting. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the International Forecasting Society, Istanbul, Turkey, June 23-16, 1996. R824753 (Final)
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Presentation Kingsley G, DeHart-Davis L, Atamturk N. State agencies under dilemma: managing conflicts through rule implementation strategies. Presented at the American Society for Public Administration Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, July 27, 1997. R824753 (Final)
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