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Oxygenated Urban Air Toxics and Asthma Variability in Middle School Children: A Panel Study (ATAC–Air Toxics and Asthma in Children)
Grant Number R828678C005
RFA: Mickey Leland National Urban Air Toxics Research Center (NUATRC) (1997)
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Presentation Delclos G. Working partnerships–applying research to practice. Presented at the CDC/NIOSH NORA Symposium, Arlington, VA, June 23-24, 2003. R828678C005 (2006)
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Proceedings Lai D, Maberti S, Abramson S, Freimanis L, Hanania N, Lusk C, Morandi M, Sockrider M, Stock T, Umeh C, Delclos GL. A simple method for evaluating sample size in the Houston ATAC (Air Toxics and Asthma in Children) study. In: Proceedings of the NORA Symposium 2003: Working Partnerships – Applying Research to Practice, Washington, DC, June 23-24, 2003, p. 94. R828678C005 (2007)
R828678C005 (Final)
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