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Nanostructured Catalytic Materials for NOx Reduction Using Combinatorial Methodologies
Grant Number R830896
RFA: Environmental Futures Research in Nanoscale Science Engineering and Technology (2002)
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Journal Article Duan S, Senkan S. Catalytic conversion of ethanol to hydrogen using combinatorial methods. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2005;44(16):6381-6386. R830896 (2005)
R830896 (Final)
Journal Article Duan S, Kahn M, Senkan S. High-throughput nanoparticle catalysis: partial oxidation of propylene. Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening 2007;10(2):111-119. R830896 (Final)
Journal Article Krantz K, Senkan S. Systematic evaluation of monometallic catalytic materials for lean-burn NOx reduction using combinatorial methods. Catalysis Today 2004;98(3):413-421. R830896 (2005)
R830896 (Final)
not available
Journal Article Senkan S, Kahn M, Duan S, Ly A, Leidholm C. High-throughput metal nanoparticle catalysis by pulsed laser ablation. Catalysis Today 2006;117(1-3):291-296. R830896 (2005)
R830896 (Final)
Journal Article Yamamoto M, Duan S, Senkan S. The effect of strain rate on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) formation in acetylene diffusion flames. Combustion and Flame 2007;151(3):532-541. R828193 (Final)
R830896 (Final)