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Controls on Metals Partitioning in Contaminated Sediments
Grant Number R825513C012
RFA: Hazardous Substance Research Centers - HSRC (1989)
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Journal Article Chen YC, Windom HL. Sediment manganese and biogenic silica as geochemical indicators in estuarine salt marshes of coastal Georgia, USA. Environmental Geochemistry and Health 1997;19(1):29-38. R825513C012 (Final)
not available
Journal Article King JK, Saunders FM, Lee RF, Jahnke RA. Coupling mercury methylation rates to sulfate reduction rates in marine sediments. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 1999;18(7):1362-1369. R825513C012 (Final)
not available
Journal Article Weisberg SB, Wilson HT, Heimbuch DG, Windom HL, Summers JK. Comparison of sediment metal: Aluminum relationships between the estuarine sediments from the eastern and gulf coasts of the United States. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 2000;61(3):373-385. R825513C012 (Final)
not available
Meeting King, J. K., F. M. Saunders, R. F. Lee and R. A. Jahnke, "Coupling mercury methylation rates to sulfate-reduction rates in marine sediment." American Society of Microbiology, 98th General Meeting, May, 1998. R825513C012 (Final)
not available
Presentation Windom, H., "Mass Balance as a Tool in Environmental Marine Chemistry." Presented at the Antoine Lavoisier Mass Balance Workshop sponsored by the Hazardous Substance Research Center/South & Southwest, New Orleans, Louisiana, March 13, 1995. R825513C012 (Final)
not available
Report Windom, H., R. Jahnke and M. Saunders, "Controls on Metal Partitioning in Contaminated Sediments." Final Report submitted to the Hazardous Substance Research Center/S&SW, January 1998. R825513C012 (Final)
not available