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The "Bubble Wall": A Passive In Situ System for Treatment and/or Containment of Contaminated Groundwater
Grant Number R825689C012
RFA: Hazardous Substance Research Centers - HSRC (1989)
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Journal Article Donaldson JH, Istok JD, Humphrey MD, O'Reilly KT, Hawelka CA, Mohr DH. Development and testing of a kinetic model for oxygen transport in porous media in the presence of trapped gas. Ground Water 1997;35(2):270-279. R825689C012 (Final)
Journal Article Donaldson JH, Istok JD, O'Reilly KT. Dissolved gas transport in the presence of a trapped gas phase:Experimental evaluation of a two-dimensional kinetic model. Ground Water 1998;36(1):133-142. R825689C012 (Final)
Journal Article Fry VA, Istok JD, O'Reilly KT. Effect of trapped gas on dissolved oxygen transport-Implications for in situ bioremediation. Ground Water 1996;34(2):200-210. R825689C012 (Final)
Journal Article Fry VA, Selker JS, Gorelick SM. Experimental investigations for trapping oxygen gas in saturated porous media for in situ bioremediation. Water Resources Research 1997;33(12):2687-2696. R825689C012 (Final)