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Shared Air/Shared Action (SA2): Community Empowerment through Low-cost Air Pollution Monitoring
Grant Number R836182
RFA: Air Pollution Monitoring for Communities (2014)
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Journal Article Erickson LE. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality: two global challenges. Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy 2017;36(4):982-988. R836182 (2016)
Presentation Griswold W, Johnson C, Renas M. Shared Air/Shared Action (SA2): community empowerment through low-cost air pollution monitoring. Poster presented at the 2016 National Ambient Air Monitoring Conference, St. Louis, MO, August 8-11, 2016. R836182 (2016)
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Presentation Griswold W. Breathing together: local community-based participatory research to address global air quality. Presented at the Third Annual International Conference on Transnational Education and Learning, Memphis, TN, October 6, 2016. R836182 (2016)
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