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Project 4: Human Health Impacts of Energy Transitions: Today and Under a Changing World
Grant Number R835871C004
RFA: Air, Climate And Energy (ACE) Centers: Science Supporting Solutions (2014)
Journal Article (2)
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Journal Article Bravo MA, Anthopolos R, Bell ML, Miranda ML. Racial isolation and exposure to airborne particulate matter and ozone in understudied US populations: environmental justice applications of downscaled numerical model output. Environment International 2016;92-93:247-255. R835871 (2016)
R835871 (2017)
R835871C004 (2016)
Journal Article Bravo MA, Ebisu K, Dominici F, Wang Y, Peng RD, Bell ML. Airborne fine particles and risk of hospital admissions for understudied populations: effects by urbanicity and short-term cumulative exposures in 708 U.S. counties. Environmental Health Perspectives 2017;125(4):594-601. R833863 (Final)
R834798 (Final)
R835871 (2016)
R835871 (2017)
R835871C004 (2016)
R835871C004 (2017)