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Planning for an Unknown Future: Incorporating Meteorological Uncertainty into Predictions of the Impact of Fires and Dust on US Particulate Matter
Grant Number R835884
RFA: Particulate Matter and Related Pollutants in a Changing World (2014)
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Journal Article Brey SJ, Ruminski M, Atwood SA, Fischer EV. Connecting smoke plumes to sources using Hazard Mapping System (HMS) smoke and fire location data over North America. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2018;18(3):1745-1761. R835884 (2017)
Presentation Brey SJ, Fischer EV, Ruminski M, Atwood SA. There's the smoke, where's the fire? A regional analysis of smoke transport pathways based on 8 years of HMS smoke and fire location data. Presented at the International Association of Wildland Fire's Second International Smoke Symposium (ISS2), Long Beach, CA, November 15, 2016. R835884 (2016)
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Presentation Brey SJ, Zhu L., Ruminski M, Fischer EV. There’s the smoke, where’s the fire? A regional analysis of which fire-prone regions have the largest impact on U.S. air quality. Presented at the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) Project 2016 Science Conference, Breckenridge, CO, September 29, 2016. R835884 (2016)
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Presentation Brey SJ, Barnes EA, Pierce JR, Fischer EV. Can synoptic scale meteorology explain observed variability in western U.S. wildfire emissions? Presented at the Meteorology and Climate – Modeling for Air Quality (MAC-MAQ) Conference, Davis, CA, September 15, 2017. R835884 (2017)
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