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Determinants of Indoor and Outdoor Exposure to Ozone and Extreme Heat in a Warming Climate and the Health Risks for an Aging Population
Grant Number R835754
RFA: Indoor Air and Climate Change (2014)
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Journal Article Abbass OA, Sailor DJ, Gall ET. Effect of fiber material on ozone removal and carbonyl production from carpets. Atmospheric Environment 2017;148:42‐48. R835754 (2017)
Journal Article Abbass OA, Sailor DJ, Gall ET. Effectiveness of indoor plants for passive removal of indoor ozone. Building and Environment 2017;119:62‐70. R835754 (2017)
Journal Article Baniassadi A, Heusinger J, Sailor DJ. Energy efficiency vs resiliency to extreme heat and power outages: the role of evolving building energy codes. Building and Environment 2018;139:86-94. R835754 (2017)
Presentation O’Lenick CR, Wilhelmi MR, Michael O, Hayden M, Wiedinmyer C, Monaghan A, Baniassadi A, Crank P, Sailor D. Indoor and outdoor ozone and extreme heat: an integrated framework for evaluating population risk. Presented at the American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, April 10‐14, 2018. R835754 (2017)
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Presentation Sailor DJ. [Presentation]. Presented at the International Conference on Urban Climate, Toulouse, France, August 2015. R835754 (2015)
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