In Situ Immobilization of Metals in Contaminated Sites Using Stabilized Nanoparticles


Zhao D, Xiong Z, Barnett M, Liu R, Harper WF, He F. In situ immobilization of metals in contaminated sites using stabilized nanoparticles. Patent Application No. 20070203388, 2007.


A method for preparing a class of highly stabilized and soil-dispersible nanoparticles and using the nanoparticles as a remediation technology for immobilizing toxic metals at toxic metal contaminated sites. The method employs a composition containing select polysaccharides (starch or cellulose) as a stabilizer for the nanoparticles in a liquid carrier, and results in suspensions of nanoparticles of desired size and mobility in water, soils or sediments. The stabilizer can facilitate controlling the dispersibility of the nanoparticles in the liquid carrier. An effective amount of the composition is delivered to a contaminated site so that the nanoparticles can immobilize one or more toxic metals of the contaminated site.