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Novel Measurements of Volatility- and Polarity-Separated Organic Aerosol Composition and Associated Hygroscopicity to Investigate the Influence of Mixed Anthropogenic-Biogenic Emissions on Atmospheric Aging Processes
Grant Number R835402
RFA: Anthropogenic Influences on Organic Aerosol Formation and Regional Climate Implications (2012)
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Journal Article Baasandorj M, Millet DB, Hu L, Mitroo D, Williams BJ. Measuring acetic and formic acid by proton-transfer-reaction mass spectrometry: sensitivity, humidity dependence, and quantifying interferences. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 2015;8(3)1303-1321. R835402 (2014)
R835402 (Final)
Journal Article Martinez RE, Williams BJ, Zhang Y, Hagan D, Walker M, Kreisberg NM, Hering SV, Hohaus T, Jayne JT, Worsnop DR. Development of a volatility and polarity separator (VAPS) for volatility-and polarity-resolved organic aerosol measurement. Aerosol Science and Technology 2016;50(3):255-271. R835402 (2014)
R835402 (Final)
Journal Article Millet DB, Baasandorj M, Farmer DK, Thornton JA, Baumann K, Brophy P, Chaliyakunnel S, de Gouw JA, Graus M, Hu L, Koss A, Lee BH, Lopez-Hilfiker FD, Neuman JA, Paulot F, Peischl J, Pollack IB, Ryerson TB, Warneke C, Williams BJ, Xu J. A large and ubiquitous source of atmospheric formic acid. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2015;15(11):6283-6304. R835402 (2014)
R835402 (Final)
R835406 (Final)
Journal Article Millet DB, Baasandorj M, Hu L, Mitroo D, Turner J, Williams BJ. Nighttime chemistry and morning isoprene can drive urban ozone downwind of a major deciduous forest. Environmental Science & Technology 2016;50(8):4335-4342. R835402 (2014)
R835402 (Final)
Journal Article Williams BJ, Zhang Y, Zuo X, Martinez RE, Walker MJ, Kreisberg NM, Goldstein AH, Docherty KS, Jimenez JL. Organic and inorganic decomposition products from the thermal desorption of atmospheric particles. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 2016;9(4):1569-1586. R835402 (2014)
R835402 (Final)