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Organic aerosol formation in the humid, photochemically-active Southeastern US: SOAS experiments and simulations
Grant Number R835412
RFA: Anthropogenic Influences on Organic Aerosol Formation and Regional Climate Implications (2012)
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Journal Article Ervens B, Sorooshian A, Lim YB, Turpin BJ. Key parameters controlling OH-initiated formation of secondary organic aerosol in the aqueous phase (aqSOA). Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres 2014;119(7):3997-4016. R835412 (Final)
Journal Article Lim YB, Turpin BJ. Organic peroxide and OH formation in aerosol and cloud water: laboratory evidence for this aqueous chemistry. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions 2015;15(12):17367-17396. R835412 (Final)
Journal Article Lim YB, Turpin BJ. Laboratory evidence of organic peroxide and peroxyhemiacetal formation in the aqueous phase and implications for aqueous OH. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2015;15(22):12867-12877. R835412 (Final)