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The Role of Oxidation of BVOCs in SOA Production in the Southeastern U.S.
Grant Number R835409
RFA: Anthropogenic Influences on Organic Aerosol Formation and Regional Climate Implications (2012)
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Journal Article Allen HM, Draper DC, Ayres BR, Ault A, Bondy A, Takahama S, Modini RL, Baumann K, Edgerton E, Knote C, Laskin A, Wang B, Fry JL. Influence of crustal dust and sea spray supermicron particle concentrations and acidity on inorganic NO3− aerosol during the 2013 Southern Oxidant and Aerosol Study. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2015;15(18):10669-10685. R835399 (2014)
R835399 (Final)
R835409 (2014)
R835409 (Final)
Journal Article Bondy AL, Wang B, Laskin A, Craig RL, Nhliziyo, MV, Bertman SB, Pratt KA, Shepson PB, Ault AP. Inland sea spray aerosol transport and incomplete chloride depletion: varying degrees of reactive processing observed during SOAS. Environmental Science & Technology 2017;51(17):9533-9542. R835409 (Final)
Journal Article Boone EJ, Laskin A, Laskin J, Wirth C, Shepson PB, Stirm BH, Pratt KA. Aqueous processing of atmospheric organic particles in cloud water collected via aircraft sampling. Environmental Science & Technology 2015;49(14):8523-8530. R835409 (2014)
R835409 (Final)
Journal Article Pye HOT, Luecken DJ, Xu L, Boyd CM, Ng NL, Baker KR, Ayres BR, Bash JO, Baumann K, Carter WPL, Edgerton E, Fry JL, Hutzell WT, Schwede DB, Shepson PB. Modeling the current and future roles of particulate organic nitrates in the Southeastern United States. Environmental Science & Technology 2015;49(24):14195-14203. R835399 (Final)
R835403 (2014)
R835403 (2015)
R835403 (Final)
R835409 (Final)
R835410 (2013)
Journal Article Xiong F, McAvey KM, Pratt KA, Groff CJ, Hostetler MA, Lipton MA, Starn TK, Seeley JV, Bertman SB, Teng AP, Crounse JD, Nguyen TB, Wennberg PO, Misztal PK, Goldstein AH, Guenther AB, Koss AR, Olson KF, de Gouw JA, Baumann K, Edgerton ES, Feiner PA, Zhang L, Miller DO, Brune WH, Shepson PB. Observation of isoprene hydroxynitrates in the southeastern United States and implications for the fate of NOx. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2015;15(19):11257-11272. R835409 (2014)
R835409 (Final)