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Design A Clean Energy Generation System Via Biophotofuel Cell Approach
Grant Number SU835297
RFA: P3 Awards: A National Student Design Competition for Sustainability Focusing on People, Prosperity and the Planet (2012)
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Journal Article Gan YX, Dynys FW. Joining highly conductive and oxidation resistant silver-based electrode materials to silicon for high temperature thermoelectric energy conversions. Materials Chemistry and Physics 2013;138(1):342-349. SU835297 (Final)
Journal Article Gan YX, Zhang L. Mechanoelectric response of lead titanate nanorod array prepared by electrochemical approach. Electrochimica Acta 2013;88:94-99. SU835297 (Final)
Journal Article Ren K, Gan YX. Effect of temperature on the performance of nanostructured photoelectrochemical fuel cells. Advanced Science, Engineering and Medicine 2013;5(8):811-814. SU835297 (Final)
Journal Article Ren K, Gan YX, Young TJ, Moutassem ZM, Zhang L. Photoelectrochemical responses of doped and coated titanium dioxide composite nanotube anodes. Composites Part B: Engineering 2013;52:292-302. SU835297 (Final)
Journal Article Ren K, Gan YX, Nikolaidis E, Al Sofyani S, Zhang L. Electrolyte concentration effect of a photoelectrochemical cell consisting of TiO2 nanotube anode. ISRN Materials Science 2013;2013:682516, 7 pp. SU835297 (Final)