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Replacement of Organic Solvents by Carbon Dioxide for Forming Aerosols in Coating Processes
Grant Number R824728
RFA: Technology for a Sustainable Environment (1995)
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Journal Article Sellers SP, Miles BA, Sievers RE, Halverson W. The production of thin metal oxide films by spray pyrolysis using supercritical CO2-assisted aerosolization of aqueous solutions. KONA 2000;18:74-80. R824728 (Final)
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Journal Article Sievers RE, Karst U, Milewski PD, Sellers SP, Miles BA, Schaefer JD, Stoldt CR, Xu CY. Formation of aqueous small droplet aerosols assisted by supercritical carbon dioxide. Aerosol Science and Technology 1999, Volume: 30, Number: 1 (JAN), Page: 3-15. R824728 (Final)
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