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Ensuring Safe Drinking Water in Lake Erie: Quantifying Extreme Weather Impacts on Cyanobacteria and Disinfection Byproducts (DPBs)
Grant Number R835192
RFA: Extreme Event Impacts on Air Quality and Water Quality with a Changing Global Climate (2011)
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Journal Article Hu C, Rea C, Yu Z, Lee J. Relative importance of Microcystis abundance and diversity in determining microcystin dynamics in Lake Erie coastal wetland and downstream beach water. Journal of Applied Microbiology 2016;120(1):138-151. R835192 (Final)
Journal Article Lee J, Tseng K-H, Zhang F, Lee C, Marion J, Liang S, Shum CK. From satellite to genes: an integrative approach for timely monitoring of harmful cyanobacteria in Lake Erie beach water. Journal of Environment Pollution and Human Health 2015;3(3):70-79. R835192 (Final)
Journal Article Tian D, Xie G, Tian J, Tseng KH, Shum CK, Lee J, Liang S. Spatiotemporal variability and environmental factors of harmful algal blooms (HABs) over western Lake Erie. PLoS One 2017;12(6):e0179622 (16 pp.). R835192 (Final)
Journal Article Zhang F, Hu C, Shum CK, Liang S, Lee J. Satellite remote sensing of drinking water intakes in Lake Erie for cyanobacteria population using two MODIS-based indicators as a potential tool for toxin tracking. Frontiers in Marine Science 2017;4:124 (11 pp.). R835192 (Final)