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Extreme Air Quality Events Using a Hierarchy of Models: Present and Future
Grant Number R835205
RFA: Extreme Event Impacts on Air Quality and Water Quality with a Changing Global Climate (2011)
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Journal Article Berner J, Fossell KR, Ha S-Y, Hacker JP, Snyder C. Increasing the skill of probabilistic forecasts: understanding performance improvements from model-error representations. Monthly Weather Review 2015;143(4):1295-1320. R835205 (2013)
R835205 (Final)
Journal Article Brown-Steiner B, Hess PG, Lin MY. On the capabilities and limitations of GCCM simulations of summertime regional air quality:a diagnostic analysis of ozone and temperature simulations in the US using CESM CAM-Chem. Atmospheric Environment 2015;101:134-148. R834283 (Final)
R835205 (2013)
R835205 (2014)
R835205 (Final)
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Journal Article Clark SK, Ward DS, Mahowald NM. The sensitivity of global climate to the episodicity of fire aerosol emissions. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions 2013;13:23691-23717. R835205 (2013)
R835205 (Final)
Journal Article Franzke CLE, O'Kane TJ, Berner J, Williams PD, Lucarini V. Stochastic climate theory and modeling. WIREs Climate Change 2015;6(1):63-78. R835205 (2013)
R835205 (Final)
Journal Article Phalitnonkiat P, Sun W, Grigoriu MD, Hess P, Samorodnitsky G. Extreme ozone events:tail behavior of the surface ozone distribution over the U.S. Atmospheric Environment 2016;128:134-146. R835205 (2014)
R835205 (Final)
Journal Article Riddick S, Ward D, Hess P, Mahowald N, Massad R, Holland E. Estimate of changes in agricultural terrestrial nitrogen pathways and ammonia emissions from 1850 to present in the Community Earth System Model. Biogeosciences 2016;13(11):3397-3426. R835205 (2013)
R835205 (Final)
Journal Article Romine GS, Schwartz CS, Berner J, Fossell KR, Snyder C, Anderson JL, Weisman ML. Representing forecast error in a convection-permitting ensemble system. Monthly Weather Review 2014;142(12):4519-4541. R835205 (2013)
R835205 (Final)
Journal Article Sun W, Hess P, Liu C. The impact of meteorological persistence on the distribution and extremes of ozone. Geophysical Research Letters 2017;44(3):1545-1553. R835205 (Final)
Journal Article Tagle F, Berner J, Grigoriu MD, Mahowald NM, Samorodnitsky G. Temperature extremes in the Community Atmosphere Model with stochastic parameterizations. Journal of Climate 2016;29(1):241-258. R835205 (Final)