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Dynamic Management of Prescribed Burning for Better Air Quality
Grant Number R835217
RFA: Dynamic Air Quality Management (2011)
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Journal Article Davis AY, Ottmar R, Liu Y, Goodrick S, Achtemeier G, Gullett B, Aurell J, Stevens W, Greenwald R, Hu Y, Russell A, Hiers JK, Odman MT. Fire emission uncertainties and their effect on smoke dispersion predictions:a case study at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, USA. International Journal of Wildland Fire 2015;24(2):276-285. R835217 (2012)
R835217 (2013)
R835217 (2014)
R835217 (Final)
Journal Article Garcia-Menendez F, Hu Y, Odman MT. Simulating smoke transport from wildland fires with a regional-scale air quality model: sensitivity to uncertain wind fields. Journal of Geophysical Research–Atmospheres 2013;118(12):6493-6504. R835217 (2012)
R835217 (Final)
Journal Article Garcia‐Menendez F, Hu Y, Odman MT. Simulating smoke transport from wildland fires with a regional‐scale air quality model: sensitivity to spatiotemporal allocation of fire emissions. Science of The Total Environment 2014;493:544‐553. R835217 (2013)
R835217 (Final)
Journal Article Hu Y, Odman MT, Chang ME, Russell AG. Operational forecasting of source impacts for dynamic air quality management. Atmospheric Environment 2015;116:320-322. R833866 (Final)
R834799 (2015)
R834799 (2016)
R834799 (Final)
R835217 (2014)
R835217 (Final)
Journal Article Huang R, Zhang X, Chan D, Kondragunta S, Russell AG, Odman MT. Burned area comparisons between prescribed burning permits in southeastern USA and two satellite‐derived products. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 2018; doi:10.1029/2017JD028217 [epub before publication]. R835217 (Final)