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Compact Multi-Pollutant Mid-Infrared Laser Spectroscopic Trace-Gas Sensor
Grant Number R835137
RFA: Developing the Next Generation of Air Quality Measurement Technology (2011)
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Journal Article Hangauer A, Spinner G, Nikodem M, Wysocki G. High frequency modulation capabilities and quasi single‐sideband emission from a quantum cascade laser. Optics Express 2014;22(19):23439‐23455. R835137 (2014)
R835137 (Final)
Journal Article Hangauer A, Wysocki G. Gain compression and linewidth enhancement factor in mid‐IR quantum cascade lasers. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 2015;21(6):1200411 (11 pp.). R835137 (2014)
R835137 (Final)
Journal Article Hangauer A, Westberg J, Zhang E, Wysocki G. Wavelength modulated multiheterodyne spectroscopy using Fabry-Perot quantum cascade lasers. Optics Express 2016;24(22):25298-25307. R835137 (Final)
Journal Article Smith CJ, Wang W, Wysocki G. Real‐time calibration of laser absorption spectrometer using spectral correlation performed with an in‐line gas cell. Optics Express 2013;21(19):22488‐22503. R835137 (2013)
R835137 (Final)
Journal Article Wang Y, Soskind MG, Wang W, Wysocki G. High‐resolution multi‐heterodyne spectroscopy based on Fabry‐Perot quantum cascade lasers. Applied Physics Letters 2014;104(3):031114. R835137 (2013)
R835137 (2014)
R835137 (Final)