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Characterization Of Emissions From Small, Variable Solid Fuel Combustion Sources For Determining Global Emissions And Climate Impact
Grant Number R835036
RFA: Black Carbon's Role In Global To Local Scale Climate And Air Quality (2010)
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Journal Article Gautam S, Edwards R, Yadav A, Weltman R, Pillarsetti A, Arora NK, Smith KR. Probe-based measurements of moisture in dung fuel for emissions measurements. Energy for Sustainable Development 2016;35:1-6. R835036 (Final)
R835425 (2016)
Journal Article Lam NL, Chen Y, Weyant C, Venkataraman C, Sadavarte P, Johnson MA, Smith KR, Brem BT, Arineitwe J, Ellis JE, Bond TC. Household light makes global heat: high black carbon emissions from kerosene wick lamps. Environmental Science & Technology 2012;46(24):13531-13538. R835036 (Final)
Journal Article Medina P, Berrueta V, Martínez M, Ruiz V, Edwards RD, Masera O. Comparative performance of five Mexican plancha-type cookstoves using water boiling tests. Development Engineering 2017;2:20-28. R835036 (Final)