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Synthetic Methodology "Without Reagents" Tandem Enzymatic and Electrochemical Methods for the Manufacturing of Fine Chemicals
Grant Number R826113
RFA: Technology for a Sustainable Environment (1997)
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Journal Article Abboud KA, Butora G, Fearnley SP, Gum AG, Stabile MR, Hudlicky T. (7R,8S,10bR)-7,8-Dihydroxy-1,5,6,7,8,9,10,10b-octahydro-3H-1,3-oxazolo[4,3-a]isoquinolin-3-one. Acta Crystallographica C-Crystal Structure Communications 1998;54(Pt 8):1162-1164. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Akgun H, Hudlicky T. Total syntheses of ert-conduramine A and ent-7-deoxypancratistatin. Tetrahedron Letters 1999;40(16):3081-3084. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Bottari P, Endoma MA, Hudlicky T, Ghiviriga I, Abboud KA. Intramolecular N-acyliminium ion-olefin cyclization in the synthesis of optically pure isoquinoline derivatives: control of stereochemistry and application to synthesis of morphine alkaloids. Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Communications 1999;64(2):203-216. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Brammer Jr. LE, Hudlicky T. Inositol synthesis: concise preparation of L-chiro-inositol and muco-inositol from a common intermediate. Tetrahedron-Asymmetry 1998;9(12):2011-2014. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Bui VP, Hansen TV, Stenstrom Y, Hudlicky T. Direct biocatalytic synthesis of functionalized catechols: a green alternative to traditional methods with high effective mass yield. Green Chemistry 2000;2(6):263-265. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Bui VP, Hansen TV, Stenstrom Y, Hudlicky T, Ribbons DW. A study of substrate specificity of toluene dioxygenase in processing aromatic compounds containing benzylic and/or remote chiral centers. New Journal of Chemistry 2001;25(1):116-124. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Bui V, Hansen TV, Stenstrom Y, Ribbons DW, Hudlicky T. Toluene dioxygenase-mediated oxidation of aromatic substrates with remote chiral centers. Journal of the Chemical Society, Perkin Transactions 1 2000;(11):1669-1672. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Butora G, Hudlicky T, Fearnley SP, Stabile MR, Gum AG, Gonzalez D. Toward a practical synthesis of morphine. The first several generations of a radical cyclization approach. Synthesis-Stuttgart 1998;52(Suppl 1):665-681. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Butora G, Gum AG, Hudlicky T, Abboud KA. Advanced intramolecular Diels-Alder study toward the synthesis of (-)-morphine: structure correction of a previously reported Diels-Alder product. Synthesis-Stuttgart 1998;52(3):275-278. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Cheng M, De B, Almstead NG, Pikul S, Dowty ME, Dietsch CR, Dunaway CM, Gu F, Hsieh LC, Janusz MJ, Taiwo YO, Natchus MG, Hudlicky T, Mandel M. Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors derived from a modified proline scaffold. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 1999;42(26):5426-5436. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Desjardins M, Lallemand MC, Freeman S, Hudlicky T, Abboud KA. Synthesis and biological evaluation of conduritol and conduramine analogs. Journal of the Chemical Society, Perkin Transactions 1 1999;(5):621-628. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Eger II EI, Halsey MJ, Koblin DD, Laster MJ, Ionescu P, Konigsberger K, Fan R, Nguyen BV, Hudlicky T. The convulsant and anesthetic properties of cis-trans isomers of 1,2-dichlorohexafluorocyclobutane and 1,2-dichloroethylene. Anesthesia and Analgesia 2001;93(4):922-927. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Frey DA, Duan C, Hudlicky T. Model study for a general approach to morphine and noroxymorphone via a rare Heck cyclization. Organic Letters 1999;1(13):2085-2087. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Frey DA, Duan C, Ghiviriga I, Hudlicky T. Comparison of approaches to ent-morphine via radical, cationic, and Heck-type cyclizations. Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Communications 2000;65(4):561-569. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Ghiviriga I, Bottari PQ, Hudlicky T. Elucidation of the stereochemistry of octahydroisoquinoline derivatives by NMR spectroscopy. Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 1999;37(9):653-661. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Gonzalez D, Martinot TA, Hudlicky T. A short chemoenzymatic synthesis of (+)-narciclasine. Tetrahedron Letters 1999;40(16):3077-3080. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Hudlicky T, Gonzalez D, Stabile M, Endoma MA, Deluca M, Parker D, Gibson DT, Resnick SM, Whited GM. New metabolites from the microbial oxidation of fluorinated aromatic compounds. Journal of Fluorine Chemistry 1998;89(1):23-30. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Hudlicky T. Natural product synthesis via biocatalysis: an essay on the merits of multidisciplinary ventures. Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society 1998;9(4):313-318. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Hudlicky T, Frey DA, Koroniak L, Claeboe CD, Brammer Jr. LE. Toward a 'reagent-free' synthesis. Green Chemistry 1999;1(2):57-59. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Hudlicky T, Claeboe CD, Brammer Jr. LE, Koroniak L, Butora G, Ghiviriga I. Use of electrochemical methods as an alternative to tin reagents for the reduction of vinyl halides in inositol synthons. Journal of Organic Chemistry 1999;64(13):4909-4913. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Hudlicky T, Stabile MR, Gibson DT, Whited GM. 1-Chloro-(2S,3S)-dihydroxycyclohexa-4,6-diene. Organic Syntheses 1999;76:77-85. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Hudlicky T, Gonzalez D, Gibson DT. Enzymatic dihydroxylation of aromatics in enantioselective synthesis: expanding asymmetric methodology. Aldrichimica Acta 1999;32(2):35-62. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Hudlicky T, Restrepo-Sanchez NE, Kary PD, Jaramillo-Gomez LM. A short, stereoselective synthesis of neo-inositol. Carbohydrate Research 2000;324(3):200-203. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Hudlicky T. Asymmetric synthesis-preface. Current Organic Chemistry 2000;4(3):i-ii. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Hudlicky T. Recent progress in efficient syntheses of amaryllidaceae and morphine alkaloids. Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry 2000;37(3):535-539. R826113 (Final)
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Journal Article Hudlicky T, Oppong KA, Duan C, Stanton C, Laufersweiler MJ, Natchus MG. Chemoenzymatic synthesis of functionalized cyclohexylglycines and α-methylcyclohexylglycines via Kazmaier–Claisen rearrangement. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2001;11(5):627-629. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Hudlicky T. Asymmetric synthesis-preface. Current Organic Chemistry 1998;2(3):U2-U3. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Novak BH, Hudlicky T. New arene cis-dihydrodiol metabolites from β-bromostyrenes. Tetrahedron-Asymmetry 1999;10(11):2067-2069. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Novak BH, Hudlicky T, Reed JW, Mulzer J, Trauner D. Morphine synthesis and biosynthesis-an update. Current Organic Chemistry 2000;4(3):343-362. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Oppong KA, Hudlicky T, Yan F, York C, Nguyen BV. Chemoenzymatic enantiodivergent synthesis of 1,2-dideoxy-2-amino-1-fluoro-allo-inositol. Tetrahedron 1999;55(10):2875-2880. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Paul BJ, Martinot TA, Willis J, Hudlicky T. Novel O-and N-linked inositol oligomers: a new class of unnatural saccharide mimics. Synthesis-Stuttgart 2001;(6):952-956. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Reddy GD, Wiest O, Hudlicky T, Schapiro V, Gonzalez D. Electron transfer catalyzed [2 + 2] cycloreversion of benzene dimers. Journal of Organic Chemistry 1999;64(8):2860-2863. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Restrepo-Sanchez NE, Gomez FJ, Jaramillo-Gomez LM, Hudlicky T. Free radical cyclizations of trienes with tris(trimethylsilyl)silane. Synthetic Communications 1999;29(16):2795-2806. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Schilling S, Rinner U, Chan C, Ghiviriga I, Hudlicky T. Structure assignment of aminoconduritols by 15N NMR correlation spectroscopy; synthesis of a positional isomer of 7-deoxypancratistatin. Canadian Journal of Chemistry 2001;79(11):1659-1667. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Solis-Oba A, Hudlicky T, Koroniak L, Frey D. Selective electrochemical reduction of cinnamyl ethers in the presence of other allylic C–O bonds. Tetrahedron Letters 2001;42(7):1241-1243. R826113 (Final)
Journal Article Zezula J, Hudlicky T, Ghiviriga I. Intramolecular Diels-Alder cycloadditions of cis-cyclohexadienediols derived enzymatically from (2-azidoethyl)benzene. Construction of highly functionalized bridged isoquinoline synthons. Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Communications 2001;66(8):1269-1286. R826113 (Final)